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Shirebrook Miners Welfare

We work alongside architects and property developers at the start of a new commercial or residential project when they require Mechanical and Electrical specifications to be issued. We create a technical design report which can be given to potential installers to price against and to complete the installation work. This ensures that all electrical and mechanical aspects of the project are systematically reviewed, and the project lead has confidence all work will be carried out in compliance with regulations.

To illustrate the type of information that is supplied within a technical report we are using this case study - Shirebrook Miners Welfare. The project comprised the development of an existing building constructed in circa 1900. The site was to be developed to provide an additional storey to accommodate seven apartments complete with off road external parking.

Project Considerations

The internal construction comprised of both timber and solid floors at ground level with timber suspended floors above. Ceiling void service zones within the apartments and landlord areas were detailed on the Architect's drawings. Consideration was given to the location of steels within the ceiling void and allowed for services to run as necessary to avoid the steels and any other obstructions. All ventilation ducts, fans, pipe work etc. will have to be contained within service space. Close co-ordination with all services is essential.

Noise transmission and acoustic performance were critical to the residential development, and the tendering party had to be mindful in the installation of the services to consider vibration, noise break out and any other nuisance noise caused by the engineering services installations. All penetrations through the structure were treated in a manner to prevent cross noise transmission etc.

Particular Specification

The outline design and working drawings were prepared for the seven apartments based on the technical specification prepared by BEM Services, Architect's drawings, structural drawings, any statutory obligations and any other information provided within the tender documentation.

The specification gave detailed information that the potential installers needed as part of the tender process. This made it easier for the project lead when comparing the tenders received against set criteria.

Compliance with Regulations

The technical report listed all the regulations that the Mechanical and Electrical Contractors would be responsible for. This included liaison and obtaining approvals from all relevant statutory bodies during design and installation phase.

Preparation of Design for Mechanical and Electrical Services

The M&E Contractors were asked to prepare the installation design for the complete works described in the specification and accompanying schedules and drawings in accordance with the requirements of BEM Services work package documentation. For each of the areas listed below the technical report outlined Performance Objectives, Design Parameters, a System description and where relevant information such as Metering and Low Voltage Cable Distribution:

  • General lighting
  • General LV power
  • Emergency lighting
  • Street, area, flood lighting
  • Telecommunications
  • Access control
  • Earthing and bonding
  • Ventilation
  • Heating
  • Water services
  • Drainage
  • Gas supplies

The technical report was completed for the Shirebrook Miners Welfare project within the timescale requested, and the project lead was able to use the document to go out to tender and find the best installers for the project. This project has now been successfully completed, and we were pleased to have had the opportunity to be involved.

If you would require a technical report for your project, please do get in touch with us directly by email or call 0115 7788 227