Introduction to Sustainability Part 3

Published: 05th September 2023

In the previous newsletter we looked at the types of carbon emissions and how they affect the atmosphere. This time we’re going to look at the different ‘Scopes’ used in carbon emissions measurements.

Introduction to Sustainability Part 2

Published: 04th August 2023

In the previous newsletter we looked at the terms used in sustainability and carbon management that relate to setting carbon reduction targets and how these are achieved. This time we will delve further into the type of greenhouse gases and how businesses learn more about reducing them.

Factory with carbon emissions

Introduction to Sustainability

Published: 06th June 2023

Carbon reduction and sustainability are subjects that are closely related to our role as engineers, who have the technical skills and knowledge to look at construction projects and find ways of reducing carbon emissions. 

Thermometer showing high city temperatures

Energy, Business and Climate Change

Published: 11th August 2022

Our summers see soaring temperatures and winter has us concerned about rising energy prices. Or, as the Financial Times would put it, climate change is being ‘shoved in our face’.