Mechanical Engineering

Our expertise can help solve complex problems relating to heating, water, underfloor heading, drainage and renewable energy systems, as well as more specialise systems such as compressed air, medical and dental gas systems.

Electrical Engineering

It’s imperative to ensure a safe installation, and so our team of electrical design engineers will speak to you and your team to build a clear picture of what you expect to achieve.

Energy Audit

Our energy consultants will complete in-depth research into your current energy usage and its distribution, where your energy is located and if it could work harder located elsewhere.

Energy Consultation

As Energy consultants we’re able to advise on a range of energy solutions to ensure your project yields positive results in both its sustainability efforts, and in saving you costs for the future.

Energy Modelling

Energy modelling gives us valuable insight on the current energy performance of your premises in which we share with our mechanical and electrical engineers to help aid their designs.