Bringing sustainability from pencil to reality

Our Mechanical Design Consultants are professionals in providing an independent assessment of your energy needs.

From consultancy all the way through to completion, our experts will help design, source and manage, ensuring high standards are implemented throughout. We have designed systems for compressed air, ventilation, heating, cooling, cold and hot water, and are able to cover medical gas and fuel delivery systems, along with industrial processes such as welding and steam systems.


Our process starts by getting to know you and your sustainability goals. This information is vital to our design team who can start the process of creating 2D and 3D imagery to demonstrate the fine details that can be followed precisely by contractors responsible for the installation.

Our expertise can help solve complex problems relating to heating, water, underfloor heading, drainage and renewable energy systems, as well as more specialise systems such as compressed air, medical and dental gas systems.

For solutions and systems that involve water, heating and energy, our mechanical design consultants will ensure in-depth research has been completed on these systems in order to provide the most accurate representation of your building and concise technical drawings, as precision is key.

Whether you need us to liaise with product manufacturers to help assist our designs, or inspect mechanical and electrical equipment, our consultants are experts in their field and have the skills and knowledge to ensure your project gets moving in the right direction.


We understand the precision needed in order to create a system that can be easily followed by your installation team. Once our consultancy phase is complete, our team can create an array of technical drawings and designs from 2D sketches to full 3D scans to map out pipe, heating and air-flow structures throughout the structure.

The drawings are supported with documents such as outline or detailed NBS Specifications along with equipment schedules and detailed prices or estimates as required by the project. Our experience in completing specifications enables us to provide high quality and comprehensive information for the installer, contractor or client.

To create our visuals, we use industry standard software such as AutoCAD Revit that allows us to create intricate blueprints of your buildings water, drainage and heating systems.

So, if you’re looking for innovate ways to bring overall energy costs down without compromising on consumption or storage then speak to our team today to get your project started.

  • Heating

    Depending on the design of a structure, creating a functional design for heating systems isn’t always straight forward – fortunately, we enjoy a challenge. The projects we’ve been involved with have varied in difficulty and so we’re always designing the next possible solution to create heating systems that work in the most obscure structures.  We’re experienced in traditional gas, electric and oil based heating systems, as well as renewable sources such as wind or solar power.

    In cases such as these, our mechanical design engineers will find solutions to re-positioning that of utility meters, boilers, pipework, all the way to the kitchen sink.

    As an independent consultant our aim is to simply create solutions that will prove more cost-effective, saving you money in the long run whilst also creating a more sustainable heating solution into the future.

  • Drainage

    Got a leak? Pipework within pre-existing structures may cause havoc especially if it’s a complex pipe system that’s being fed through to multiple rooms and/or locations. Luckily, our mechanical design consultants have the ability to survey, and scan pipework throughout a building to form a blueprint that is ready to be improved in order to move forward with the project.

    Some projects may require us to liaise with a commercial plumber to help us replace or install pipework or drainage without compromising on the use of water for those working or living within the building.

  • Ventilation

    Depending on your project, we can also advise better solutions for ventilation and heating, for example, you may be wondering if your building benefit from an air conditioning or an air source heat pump.

    Depending on your sector and business offering, ventilation may play a vital part in ensuring your business is compliant to the Building Regulations, specifically those related to those who serve food. For commercial kitchens, ventilation that works and proves effective can have a positive impact on both your workers and your end profits.

    Our mechanical design engineers can also assist on matters involving gas, air distribution, moisture and the restriction of fire breakouts. We’ve been involved in various projects which have required us to consider how to maximise efficiencies with air distribution through complex ventilation systems. In some cases, we’ve designed completely new systems to accommodate new equipment, that can be operated on an individual basis, giving more control to the client on how they’re ventilation and energy is used.

  • Water Supply

    We design hot and cold water systems from source (For example a borehole or street main), through treatment systems and to the final tap, shower or bath.

    When managing hot water systems, this may include finding solutions for heating water with natural gas and renewable energies such as solar panels. With cold water treatment, our team will look to use chemical treatments, magnetic systems or natural methods.

Installation Management

It can be a daunting task to keep track of on-going projects and installations with such complexities such as overhauling the foundations in which your building produces energy.

As part of our work, we create clear documentation that outlines precisely how products and structures should be completed, so there’s no stone left unturned. Our equipment schedules have an important place not just to ensure the job is completed with accuracy but ensure the longevity of your sustainability efforts.


We are experienced in working at BIM Level 2 and are comfortable working alongside architects, interior designers, structural engineers and so on.

In order to create a design that is highly detailed and clear to all parties to not only cut costs and lose time, but to ensure projects are finished on their completion date to a standard that we expect to see.

RIBA Stages

When working on a complex project that involves heating, water, gas and electricity, it is vital that proper steps are taken to ensure safety, and the overall goals of the client.

RIBA stages ensure a smooth work flow with a clear road map that can be followed by multiple skillsets as part of the project.