Crafting smart electrical distribution, lighting systems and connectivity solutions.

We design and advise on internal and external lighting, power supplies, and fire and intruder alarms systems.

These are all provided considering safe and effective installation. We provide advice on data systems, and both wired and wireless networks. Specialist skills in large scale infrastructures enable us to set up complex networks for the NHS, Ministry of Defence as well as diverse office set ups.


Our consultancy phase will focus on understanding your needs from an electrical point of view. It’s imperative to ensure a safe installation, and so our team of electrical design engineers will speak to you and your team to build a clear picture of what you expect to achieve.

We can help advise on possible sustainable energy options to explore the most cost-effective methods, as well as energy assessments that will aid in our design process. Our electrical design services may also involve outlining technical reports for performance objectives, metering and low voltage cable distribution, emergency lighting, general lighting and so on.


Our electrical design engineers have a similar process to that of our mechanical design engineers. We use sophisticated software such as AutoCAD Revit to create accurate 3D representations of the initial design to ensure all parties involved are clear on their objectives.

  • Heating

    Heating can be a costly factor for many structures if left unattended. Over time structures lose heat due to outdated ventilation methods and old boilers, radiators and air source heat pumps that more or less need replacing. However, our electrical design engineers are experienced in providing multiple solutions to find the most efficient and cost-effective method to improve heating and the distribution of heat throughout the structure.

  • Lighting

    Our electric design engineers have been a part of some fantastic projects, which have allowed us to explore our creative side to ensure the end result far exceeds the expectations of the client. To help bring our visions to life, we regularly work with specialists in lighting, for example, that enables us to create unique light designs that highlight areas of the building as well as include safety measures such as directional lighting without compromising on the existing architecture.

  • Fire

    We design fire detection and alarm systems for all types of buildings, be it a warehouse or an apartment. Different systems may include mists systems or sprinklers, or even gas suppression systems in kitchens. We work with installers and manufacturers to get the perfect system for any given situation.

  • Security

    We design security, CCTV and access control systems for use in various situations. Room access or booking-in systems are included. Internal and exterior CCTV systems are covered, as well as various alarm systems that alert via sight, noise or to a mobile phone.

Installation Management

It can be a daunting task to keep track of on-going projects and installations with such complexities such as overhauling the foundations in which your building produces energy.

As part of our work, we create clear documentation that outlines precisely how products and structures should be completed, so there’s no stone left unturned. Our equipment schedules have an important place not just to ensure the job is completed with accuracy but ensure the longevity of your sustainability efforts.


We are experienced in working at BIM Level 2 and are comfortable working alongside architects, interior designers, structural engineers and so on.

In order to create a design that is highly detailed and clear to all parties to not only cut costs and lose time, but to ensure projects are finished on their completion date to a standard that we expect to see.

RIBA Stages

When working on a complex project that involves heating, water, gas and electricity, it is vital that proper steps are taken to ensure safety, and the overall goals of the client.

RIBA stages ensure a smooth work flow with a clear road map that can be followed by multiple skillsets as part of the project.