Reach your sustainability goals through accurate Energy Audits.

Energy audits are an important part of any project to fully understand the sustainability efforts that are possible whilst keeping within your budget.

Through analysis of energy and thermal modelling, we can paint a clearer picture of how to create robust energy solutions to help lower your carbon footprint and meet with your climate goals.

How can we help?

By going through the steps necessary to create our sustainability audit and assessment, we can ensure that energy saving is at the heart of your project, and obvious through its design and structural foundations.

Our energy consultants will complete in-depth research into your current energy usage and its distribution, where your energy is located and if it could work harder located elsewhere. Our energy assessment will provide suggestions to further improve the renewable energy your structure generates – or could generate, as well as solutions for how this can be achieved.

Other Energy Services We Offer

Our integrated team of energy consultants can also offer:

Energy Consultation

As Energy consultants we’re able to advise on a range of energy solutions to ensure your project yields positive results in both its sustainability efforts, and in saving you costs for the future.

Energy Modelling

Energy modelling gives us valuable insight on the current energy performance of your premises in which we share with our mechanical and electrical engineers to help aid their designs.


We can produce a range of technical energy audits to clearly define objectives and goals. Our analysis and audits can produce results on how energy efficient the premises is currently and how you can move forward in improving your overall usage and consumption.

To acquire these results, our energy consultants work closely with other engineers and contractors involved within the project to create a well-rounded assessment on the premises’ facilities, current energy and both interior and exterior factors that may be contributing to a lower quality of energy usage.


Aside from energy consumption, our energy surveys can provide independent advice and inspections on mechanical and electrical equipment to ensure these are fit for use and producing energy that aligns with your goals.

As a result, we can identify areas of your premises where it may be wasting energy, and our energy surveys will provide further instruction and suggested steps to take in order to reduce waste and improve operational costs.

Installation Management

It can be a daunting task to keep track of on-going projects and installations with such complexities such as overhauling the foundations in which your building produces energy.

As part of our work, we create clear documentation that outlines precisely how products and structures should be completed, so there’s no stone left unturned. Our equipment schedules have an important place not just to ensure the job is completed with accuracy but ensure the longevity of your sustainability efforts.


We are experienced in working at BIM Level 2 and are comfortable working alongside architects, interior designers, structural engineers and so on.

In order to create a design that is highly detailed and clear to all parties to not only cut costs and lose time, but to ensure projects are finished on their completion date to a standard that we expect to see.

RIBA Stages

When working on a complex project that involves heating, water, gas and electricity, it is vital that proper steps are taken to ensure safety, and the overall goals of the client.

RIBA stages ensure a smooth work flow with a clear road map that can be followed by multiple skillsets as part of the project.