We were first invited along to look at this project at the very early stages which is great as we were first tasked with calculating the most efficient method of heating and cooling the building. We looked at gas central heating, air source heat pump and other options, including the provision of solar panels on the roof. All of these were considered and, using IES thermal modelling software it was found that air source heat pumps with solar panels were the most cost-effective option.

The full project saw the staff move out of the Victorian building whilst a new two storey extension was built and new office space created in the loft space, to provide additional space to accommodate more staff as the business starts to grow. The client was already working the Pearl-Bradley Architects and we soon made a great working relationship that enabled us to look at the best ways to install all of the M&E plant equipment in accordance with current regulations and guidance.

The rear extension floor was to be constructed out of concrete, which restricted some options e.g. installing floor boxes and the running cables and pipework under the floor. Ceiling void service space between the floor was considered to be very tight. All ventilation therefore had to be rectangular ductwork and pipework was also not to cross each other because of the small spacing, this was to stop any pipes conflicting. Close co-ordination with all services is essential in all projects.

We had to consider all M&E aspects of the design including:

The detailed technical design and working drawings were prepared for the 3 storey building based on the Architect’s drawings, statutory obligations and other restrictions imposed by Building Control. The specification gave detailed information that the potential installers needed as part of the tender process. This made it easier for the project manager when it came to comparing the tenders received against set criteria.

The M&E Contractors were asked to prepare the installation design for the complete works described in the specification and accompanying schedules and drawings in accordance with the requirements of BEM Services work package documentation.

For each of the areas listed below the technical report outlined Performance Objectives, Design Parameters, a System description and where relevant information such as Metering and Low Voltage Cable Distribution:

The technical report was completed for the 9ine accountants project within the timescale requested, and the project lead was able to use the document to go out to tender and find the best installers for the project.

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