As a supplier to Spie (an International Facilities Management company) we designed a new water treatment system for Grinding Cell 4 at the Rolls-Royce Bristol site. The system takes contaminated water from the grinder to a water cooler and a cleaning tank for recycling back through to the grinder. This was truly an international project with equipment being shipped from Norway and Germany to make up the system.

Initially we were given the outline requirements of the system but this was not detailed enough to be able to accurately design the system. If flow rates or pressures were incorrect the three elements of the system (grinder, cooler and treatment) would not work together and they would go into emergency shut down to protect themselves. Each element had particular temperature, flow rate and pressure requirements that had to be maintained. The building housing the water treatment equipment had to be air conditioned as the water had to be kept within 10 degree Celsius limits.

Other factors that had to be considered were the pipework material, jointing techniques, accessibility for maintenance, insulation and an overhead gantry that takes the water from the treatment plant to the grinder. The grinders use compressed air so a new compressor was sized and the relevant compressed air pipework system designed.

Through lots of international liaison and site visits we ascertained the required flow rates, pressures, vent points, etc that enabled us to complete the detailed design. The system included flow rate meters, pressure sensors and various valves to enable isolation of the equipment for maintenance. The system was tested, commissioned and handed over to Rolls-Royce on time and within budget.

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