BEM Services assigned to review of the possible Low and Zero Carbon Technologies at Kedleston Road Training Centre, Derby. The building is operating by Derby City Council as an adult training centre. The building has 2 storeys including 24 training rooms and a large library. The building is heated by a 460 kW boiler and the distribution pipework is an old traditional single pipe system, which is inefficient.

Kedleston Road Training CentreWe surveyed the exiting building and collected the gas and electricity consumption data from the building manager. The annual energy consumption was determined from the energy bills and used to compare different heating options. The first option reviewed was an air source heat pump which can save up to 40 tonnes of CO2 per year.

But due to limitations from piping and traditional column radiators this system needs full replacements of heating system. Therefore, a hybrid heat pump system was reviewed which would mean that the internal distribution system won’t need changing, however these aren’t as efficient and the capital cost is higher but this system could save up to 30 tonnes of CO2 per year.

The second part of the report examined the potential PV system and possible PV locations on the roof space. The proposed roof area for PV was approximately 200 m2 and 120 new technology PV panels can fit this area. We found that the predicted annual production would be 33,286.01 kWh per year which can provide 60% of the demand and decrease electricity usage to 21,324 kWh per year. This proposed system could save up to £4,660 yearly and reduces the CO2 released by 8.5 tonnes per year.

Other low and zero carbon technologies were considered and rejected, including wind power, ground source heat pumps and solar thermal water heating. Our experienced engineers consolidated the recommendations and guided our client in their decisions. This project is currently being reviewed by the client and we are looking forward to start the detailed system design.

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