BEM Services were tasked with establishing the capacities of the mechanical and electrical services at many libraries all over Northamptonshire on behalf of Northamptonshire County Council. This case study shows how we worked with our client to develop the capacities report.

The first step was to conduct an initial site visit which involved the detailed inspection of all mechanical and electrical equipment. We then reviewed our findings to collate a detailed report showing the urgency of works required, expected costs and expected costs over the coming 5 years. The reports enabled the council to forecast their future spending as well as deal with any urgent, safety critical, works.

Northamptonshire LibraryWater Services. Checking the water services on the properties consisted of inspecting the condition of the taps in the kitchen and toilets, as well as checking the toilets to make sure that there were no leaks that could cause problems. We also ensured each installation met with current Building Regulations.

Air Conditioning and Ventilation. There was no air conditioning fitted in most of the libraries that we inspected, however were it was installed we checked to make sure that there was sufficient internal space in for maintenance and that the gas being used wasn’t banned. To meet Building Regulations we made sure that all toilets had sufficient ventilation extracts to them as well as bigger buildings had enough extract for higher capacities.

Waste Water Drainage. There was low-level drainage installed in all properties therefore each site was inspected for leaks and poor installation works. A chat with the library staff would also help us find any issues that they were aware of.

Gas Supply. In most cases the libraries were supplied with gas from a gas meter that fed a small boiler, which would supply heating and hot water. We checked local paperwork to ensure the annual inspections were being completed and that any remedial works were also completed.

Electrical Power. Within all library plant rooms, there was a dedicated electrical power feed for the building that came in under the floor and installed on the wall along with a meter. These installations were checked for safety and we also ensured they were in date for their BS7671 testing. All power feeds were checked, especially those feeding plant equipment.

Lighting. Some buildings had a problem with there lighting, such that some of the light fixture had become broken and therefore needed replacing. This was made clear in our reports. For safety we also checked the emergency lighting.

Fire & Security. Security systems were installed in all of the buildings and were checked to ensure that they worked correctly. For fire safety we checked fire exit doors were marked properly and that LED bulkheads lights worked correctly above all doors. As well as this, to comply with Building Regulations, a fire alarm system test was completed.

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