We were asked by Nottingham High School to develop a specification for the replacement of a 1000kW boiler. The project involved the removal of two existing boilers that have come to the end of their useful life and the installation of a 1000kW modular boiler with all its associated equipment.

The boiler room already housed a 1000kW modular boiler and plate heat-exchanger and the new equipment had to integrate with these. The boilers will provide hot water to a district heating system.

The boiler room was located below ground level with high-level vents and access door at ground level. The building was old, and the existing boilers supply medium temperature hot water to a district heating system (including a swimming pool).

The mechanical works required the following:

The scope of work

Before works started the Contractor needed to submit Risk Assessments, Method Statements and a Construction Phase Plan to the Client and Principle Designer for their approval.

The work was to cover the making safe, dismantling, removal from the site of the existing boiler, including the erection of a temporary lifting gantry. The work also included the supply, installation, test and commissioning of the specified mechanical and electrical equipment, systems, pipework and instrumentation.

The design criteria

The design was completed to meet the current legislation and guidance and all to comply with current Building Regulations, Statutory Requirements, European Standards, British Standards and Codes of Practice, Health and Safety Regulations, and Fire Officer requirements. The full list of standards and guidance was given within the specification by BEM Services.

Testing and commissioning

All pressurised and electrical systems needed to be in accordance with requirements of CIBSE Commissioning Codes, HVCA Guides, British Standards and the IET Wiring Regulations.

Access to plant

Plant arrangement had to be installed in such a manner that components could be accessed, maintained, removed and replaced without difficulty and without compromising the safety of personnel. The specification outlined the regulations and requirements for the installations.

Other key aspects of the specification

Nottingham High School benefitted by having this detailed specification from the outset of the project as they were able to ensure that the contractor commissioned to complete the boiler replacement understood the scope of the work and would comply to all the regulations. The boiler replacement design was successfully completed within time and budget. The actual installation works were monitored by BEM Services, providing guidance throughout the installation when needed.

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