The existing Plantroom No 5 was commissioned in the late 1970s and there was a lack of information about the pipe layout and the available space for the proposed new plate heat exchangers.

The source of heat was a large steam boiler located in the hospitals main plant room and it was decided to replace the old calorifiers with plate heat exchangers as they are more efficient thus reducing the load on the steam boiler. The hot water heating system fed air conditioning plant and radiators to the main operating theatres and recovery wards so there risk to disruption to normal hospital operations was massive and the works had to be completed during the winter. We could not afford to get his wrong.

Due to the lack of local information, we decided to 3D scan of the whole plant room. After 3D scanning, we were able to design our system in Revit with accurate dimensions. Our experienced Revit technicians located heat exchangers with the best possible arrangement. The system was designed with 3 plate heat exchanger with a total capacity of 950 kW each which will work duty/duty/standby to reduce future maintenance fault disruptions.

The existing system designed was open vented but BEM Services designed the new system as unvented with expansion vessel and pressurisation unit. The main challenge for the contractor is to commission the new plate heat exchangers while the existing system was still operating. BEM Services prepared an outline phasing document to help the contractors future commissioning plan and working together this worked well.

Plantroom 5 Grimsby

BEM Services provide an equipment schedule and schematic with every single fitting sized with a detailed specification to help the contractor to do his work in an efficient way. The actual installation works were monitored by BEM Services, providing guidance throughout the installation when needed. The plant room refurbishment design was successfully completed within time and on budget.

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